I’ll just leave this here hovering mysteriously in the air, in the hope of keeping you on your toes. More will follow soon.

Evi hates God.

Evi’s life is not what she hoped it would be. She is a loner, she suffers from mental disorders and has a tendency towards substance abuse. She is also a genius in linguistics—or at least she used to. Now all she has is memories of better times, of girls she once fell in love with but never dared speak to and an AI to keep her company.

Evi hates God. Deeply.

Ariel spends its life wandering an endless desert, pondering the meaning of its existence. A mysterious gigantic face looms in the sky over the vast expanse.

Ariel likes making up words, but it has no one to speak to. Evi’s greatest love is words, but she has no one to share it with.

This a trip to the Earth’s darkest past. This is also a reflection on the nature of the divine, on good and evil, on love, hate and forgiveness.

A philosophical dark sci-fantasy book that explores some of humanity’s most fundamental questions.